KRG Open House


The KRG has been serving Nunavimmiut for over 35 years and is especially proud of its staff, who must be competent and work hard to ensure the organization’s programs and services are delivered successfully.

Open house activities are being organized in communities across the region for youth in order to recognize the work and dedication of KRG employees. KRG employees including those of the Kativik Regional Police Force have many roles and responsibilities that are essential to the functioning of the region. Open house activities will allow youth to learn about the requirements and training required to deliver some of the organization’s programs and services, and provide concrete examples of the many career opportunities in every community. Some hands-on activities will also be organized. The prevention and awareness campaign on off-highway vehicles (OHV), known as On the Right Path, has been implemented over the past three years and is an important KRG activity. Open house activities are a perfect opportunity to showcase the importance of OHV safety and build awareness among youth on safe OHV operating practices.

Watch for KRG open house activities being organized in your community! On the Right Path will be conducting a quiz with a chance to win one of three prizes: a helmet, a pair of goggles or a pair of snowmobile gloves. Attend KRG open house activities and participate in the OHV quiz. To find the answers to the quiz’s five skill-testing questions and improve your chances of winning, visit: