OHV passengers: What is a safe number?


April 29, 2015

The prevention and awareness campaign On the Right Path has just released its fourth poster. The new tool focuses on the number of passengers carried on off-highway vehicles (OHV). Too many passengers on all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles is one of the top five causes of accidents in Nunavik, where it is not uncommon to see more than three people riding on a single OHV. OHVs are not designed for so many passengers, who may sometimes be crammed onto the front rack and rear sides of an all-terrain vehicle, or even stand on the skis of a snowmobile! But when the operator needs to brake suddenly or if there is a collision, what happens to these passengers?

The new poster produced by Pirnoma Technologies Inc. of Ivujivik asks the following question: “In case of an accident, what is going to happen to your passengers?” The poster’s visual is a photo taken in Ivujivik. It shows five people riding on an OHV, including two children sitting up front.

Copies of the poster will be transmitted to the region’s 14 northern villages beginning in April 2015. You may download your copy from the Support Us section.