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when i'm drinking,
i don't

Impaired driving (under the influence of alcohol or drugs) is the number one cause of accidents. When your faculties are reduced, it’s easy to lose control of your vehicle. Drugs, alcohol and driving don’t mix!

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I slow

Speeding is dangerous. Even when you think you’re driving under control, someone or something can jump in your way. The faster you’re going, the more distance you’ll need to stop. It takes longer to come to a stop when you’re speeding. Speeding OHVs don’t handle well on curves, ice and gravel.

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My ohv is not
a bus!

OHVs are not designed to transport multiple passengers. The more people there are on an OHV, the more likely you are to tip over and to get injured. I care about my friends and family, so I don’t let them on my OHV all at the same time.

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to young to drive
let's walk!

OHVs are heavy machines. Not all young people have the strength to keep them under control. If you lose control of your OHV, it can be hard to put it back on track. My legs are young and will take me anywhere I want to go! Walking can save my life!

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I wear a

because my head is fragile and I only have one.
Keep it safe! You wear helmet playing hockey and para-skiing, be proud to wear one while you’re driving your OHV. It’s cool to be safe and smart!

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What can I do
to be safe

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  • I show respect to others on the road
  • I pay attention to road signs
  • I stop at intersections
  • I use hand signs to show what I’m going to do
  • I say NO to rides from drivers who have taken drugs or alcohol
  • I slow down near stores, the school, the arena or anywhere people might appear suddenly on the road
  • I keep my headlight “ON”

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