What can we do to be safer when driving

on Tuesday, 10 March 2015. Posted in Safety tips, Categories

1- On roads, be respectful of all users, even pedestrians.
2- Drive slowly especially while in town and, even more, in places where there are often people, such as around the coop, the arena and the school. Did you know that the speed limit around schools is 30 km/h?
3- Do not drink and drive. If you plan to have a few drinks, leave your vehicle somewhere you can pick it up the next day, or ask for a ride. You can also walk, which is healthier too!
4- Do not accept a lift if you think the driver is drunk. If an accident happens, you may regret the ride.
5- If you are too young to drive, it is better to walk. You can also ask for a ride. Vehicles are powerful pieces of equipment and heavy; they are not made for kids. Would you get in a plane piloted by a kid?
6- Always turn on your headlights. See and be seen is one of the most important rules when driving.
7- Wear a helmet and protect your head. Head trauma can cause disabilities for life, such as loss of memory or a sense like your hearing or sight, as well as loss of use of your arms or legs. Helmets can prevent 70% to 90% of head trauma. We wear helmets when playing a sport such as kite-skiing, snowboarding or hockey. An OHV accident can be even more dangerous for your head? Wear a helmet.
8- Your snowmobile or four-wheeler is not a bus. OHVs are not designed to transport a lot of passengers. Accidents and just tipping over can have serious consequences for passengers.

Enjoy the ride safely!!