Helmet Vending Machines?

on Monday, 09 December 2013. Posted in Helmets

When thinking about vending machines, what usually comes to mind? Putting in a toonie and getting your favourite chocolate bar? As you know, the purpose of vending machines is to make a variety of products available any time of the day or night. So why not make helmets available through vending machines? That’s exactly what the city of Melbourne, Australia did.
Bike sharing is becoming increasingly popular in many large cities around the world, but there’s still no consensus on helmet use. Every effort is being made to encourage bike use as an alternative to driving and as a practice that’s good for the environment, our health and our wallets. For tourists, access to a bike is a bonus: what could be better than riding with your hair in the wind and touring the sights in a few short hours instead of spending days trying to see everything on foot? However, when laws become restrictive or encourage or mandate helmet use in the name of safety, it’s hard to drum up enthusiasm for bike sharing. So rather than expecting riders to lug their helmets everywhere, why not offer helmet sharing?
The City of Melbourne has devised a system that makes helmets available to bike share users and even allows them to secure the helmet to the bike. For those who might balk at the idea of using a shared helmet, take comfort: new helmets can be purchased for the equivalent of $5.
So, no need to worry about a helmet if you’re ever in Melbourne; they’re as easy to get as a chocolate bar!

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