2013: The Big Tour. We Did It!!

on Monday, 10 June 2013. Posted in Categories, Helmets

The Together on the Right Path Big Tour is finally done. We started on January 28 in Kangiqsujuaq and finished on May 3 in Kuujjuarapik. We went to schools in every community to meet with youth and talk about OHV safety, i.e. snowmobiles and ATVs or -- as commonly known in Nunavik -- skidoos and hondas. Our presentations were divided into two parts. A classroom part (about 45 minutes long) allowed us to talk about main the causes of accidents in Nunavik, as well as the consequences of accidents such as severe injuries, head trauma, paraplegia and death. The classroom presentation included two videos: one a skit performed by students from Kangiqsualujjuaq and the other an interview with the director of trauma services at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The second part of the presentation was hands-on and took place in each school’s gym. A mini-road course and signs were set up for use with go-karts and helmets. The course simulated real driving experiences and was a fun way to talk about the serious issue of OHV accidents. Secondary students were also given a chance to use goggles in order to increase their awareness about drunk driving, i.e. driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We also did silkscreen printing in almost every school. The work done by the kids was very creative and their pride regarding helmet use could be seen loud and clear. Around 500 t-shirts have been printed with our Choose your head silkscreen drawing. Short presentations were also done over the FMs in almost every community to inform residents about the Big Tour. Some people called in to encourage us and give their support. The calls were very much appreciated and helped us to know we were…on the right path. The Big Tour was a big success!! Thanks to all school directors, teachers and staff who welcomed us and adjusted their schedules so we had a chance to meet as many students as possible. The prevention and awareness campaign is however far from over: you can now follow events on this website and Facebook for example. For everyone who asked “When are you guys coming back?” (I guess more for the go-karts than the presentations), I would hope that we’ll be able to do a community tour again in a couple of years.

Some neat statistics

  • The Big Tour presentation was delivered to about 1200 students aged 6 to 16 around the region. That represents about 10% of all Nunavimmiut! 
  • Around 1000 students had a chance to test drive a go-kart.
  • A total of 90 presentations were made.
  • 650 On the Right Path t-shirts were distributed.
  • 1500 postcards, 800 balaclavas, 900 stickers, 600 magnets and 210 posters were handed out in every community.

map tour 2013

Source: Makivik Corporation (www.makivik.org)